Insulation Pin Welder

The CD weld insulation pin welder is a weld machine for weld the CD weld pins to the sheet metal tha

Product Details

The CD weld insulation pin welder is a weld machine for weld the CD weld pins to the sheet metal that where need to install the insulation material. HVAC insulation supplies manufacture kinds of diameter CD weld insulation pins and sell the CD weld insulation pin welder.

Product Specification

Product name

CD weld insulation pin weld machine

Current output mode

electric capacity discharge



Weld speed

15-30 times/minute

Work voltage


Input voltage

110V or 220V

Power Frequency

50-60 Hz

Welding sheet metal thickness


Welding pin diameter







Weld gun, weld clamp,cables, 3Pcs of CD weld pin chucks

The cup head weld pin welder application features

1: The latest PIC micro controller program control technology is adopted to precisely control the working voltage of the capacitor

2: The main components are equipped with original imported components to ensure the performance of the weld machine.

3: The internal structure of the mufti element design is reasonable, and the body is small and easy to carry

4: The welding trace is small, and the work piece is not deformed

5: Wide range of welding, suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials.

5: The charging time is short and the working efficiency is high.

6: The display screen displays working voltage and can be step-less adjustment without switching off the main switch.

7: The failure rate is very low, and the host is averaging no more than one million failures.

8: Easy to operate and easy to learn.

9: Welding torch adopts imported micro-control switch from Germany, its service life reaches 600,000 times, which is 1/3 of the main capacitor's life and 2 million times of the main capacitor's life.


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